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Last Remnant Goes Platinum

Four budget 360 games due in September.

Square Enix RPG gaming for those on a budget.

Square Enix hasn't officially cancelled Last Remnant for the PlayStation 3 yet. Which makes it all the more amusing that the 360 is about set to get its second version of the game.

The Unreal 3 Engine RPG will be added to the Xbox 360 Platinum Collection lineup in September, Microosft announced today. The lower priced version of the game will be offered on September 10 at ¥2,940.

Microsoft actually shared the whole September lineup for the series today. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Fable II will join Last Remnant on September 10. Left 4 Dead will follow on September 17. All are ¥2,940, except for Fable II, which will go for ¥3,990.

In other Square Enix news, the budget version of Call of Duty 4, originally published here by Activision's now defunct Japanese unit, is being published by the RPG giant.

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