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Gackt Heads Up Sengoku Musou 3 Theme Song

Popular singer to perform theme song and appear in commercial campaign.


Gackt is coming back to games, only this time he may not be appearing as a character. The popular singer will feature in Koei's upcoming Sengoku Musou 3, the Wii installment in the company's Dynasty Warriors samurai spinoff series that's known in the West as Samurai Warriors.

As reported at Oricon yesterday, Gackt will be producing the game's ending theme song and will also appear in Koei's commercial campaign.

Gackt's likeness appeared in 2006's Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix). It's unclear if he'll have a similar direct role with the Koei title, although the singer did say that he hopes to make use of the experience he gained playing the role of Kenshin Uesugi in NHK's Fuurin Kazan drama.

Sengoku Musou 3 is set for Wii release this November. Koei has not shared much information on the game since its original announcement.

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