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Spike Opens Way of the Samurai Portal Site

New developments for series coming to light tomorrow.


Spike's Way of the Samurai series has been in the news of late through some unofficial retail leaks detailing Way of the Samurai 4 and an upcoming updated budget version of Way of the Samurai 3. Presumably in anticipation of a more formal announcement of these products, Spike opened today a portal site for the entire series.

The site offers links to the original Way of the Samurai, its two numbered sequels, and Samurai Western, along with all the relevant ports and remakes.

More mysterious is a banner in the center of the site, which promises an unveiling of some form for tomorrow (August 7). It's presumable that this will lead to the proper unveiling of Way of the Samurai 3 Plus, the updated version of PS3's Way of the Samurai 3 that was first mentioned by an online retailer earlier in the week.

The big question is, will Spike make any mention of Way of the Samurai 4, video of which the retailer said would be included with the re-release? This week's Famitsu has coverage of the re-release without any mention of part 4, so this doesn't look likely.

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