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Free Porn Viewer Available For PS3

They'll even cover the shipping!


An organization called Digital Media Mart (DMM) has made available a Blu-ray disc called DMM.TV. Similar to a product offered for set top boxes, the disc includes a viewing app for downloading and streaming high definition movies. In this case, the movies are all of the adult variety.

Why is this story appearing on a video game website? Currently, the DMM.TV disc runs on just one Blu-ray player: the PlayStation 3. DMM does say that it's looking into compatibility with other hard disc equipped Blu-ray players, but for now you've got to have a PS3 to gain access.

You can view sample of the service at the DMM.TV official site.

DMM is apparently so anxious to get subscribers that it's giving away the DMM.TV disc for free. It's even covering the shipping costs!

Interested parties (who should probably be based in Japan) can request the disc via the official site.

(as seen at My Game Flash)

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