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Latest Dragon Quest IX Quest Info

Two quests for Friday.


Another week, another set of Dragon Quest IX quests. This is going to go on for a year, so I'd better come up with more creative introductions!

Friday will see two additional quests for the blockbuster RPG (which just topped 3.5 million in shipments). Here are the details.

Pafu Pafu Shojo Chami is officially quest number 126. Once you've cleared the game, you can take on the quest by speaking to young girl at the Hunter's Pao (I think that translates to a hut) in Carlbad Plains. Fulfill her the girl's request, and she may give you some sort of unexpected service (I'm not sure if that sounds as bad in Japanese as it does in English).

The second quest for the week, Ou no Miru Yume (The Dream That's Seen by the King), is the third story quest and officially quest number 127. You can take on this quest once you've cleared the game and cleared normal quest 006 (Motto Okusuri wo). The quest can be taken at Saint Shutain. Clear the quest, and you'll get two valuable pieces of equipment.

To clear the second quest, you'll need to get three particular items: Urami no Houju (obtianed in the prison at the castle in Ganna Empire), Kenja no Seisui (can be made via alchemy) and Doku Doku e Doro (can be found in a variety of areas, including the Horobi no Mori area).

Three items required to clear the second quest.

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