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Pop'n Music Hits Wii with Paid Downloads

Download songs at 100 WiiPoints a double pop.


Pop'n Music hit the Wii today (August 6), and Konami is celebrating with the start of paid download content.

Buyers of the Wii installment in the classic rhythm franchise have access to a growing lineup of download songs. The songs are available in sets of two, with each set priced at 100 WiiPoints.

Three sets are available today. Included are such songs as Miracle Moon, Echoes, and others that don't have English names.

Konami says that the game's download track library will focus primarily on Konami original music. You can keep up with the lineup at the music list page of the game's official site.

Pop'n Music is available at retail now for ¥5,800. To play music in the game, you shake the Wiimote and Nunchuck in synch with the rhythm. Up to four players can play together in cooperative and competitive modes of play.

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