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CESA Announces This Year's Amateur Development Winners

Top 10 projects to be on display at this year's Tokyo Game Show.


If you like amateur development, then one of your favorite parts of the Tokyo Game Show is likely the presentation ceremony for the Japan Game Awards Amateur Division. This part of the annual Japan Game Awards honors some of the best amateur development projects from around Japan.

Today, CESA, organizers of both TGS and the Japan Game Awards, announced its choice of the top 10 amateur productions for the year. The 10 were chosen from 237 projects submitted between March 16 and June 30. The contest was open to anyone, students and the general public alike.

The original 237 submissions went through two phases of judging by game creators and publication editors, first through a video review, then through a play test, and were eventually narrowed down to 18. The final 10, which will be rewarded specific prizes at the Tokyo Game Show, were then selected by top industry creators and editors in chief of industry publications.

The 10 winning submissions are as follows:

  • I'm Qbe
  • i DEARTh
  • Oh! Nara de Go!!
  • Genetos
  • Shabon de Pon
  • Chinmoku no Jishaku
  • Bamboono
  • Flare in the Incubus
  • Painting Wear
  • Hoshi Pocha

Relevant creator and school names can be seen in CESA's press announcement (Japanese).

These ten games will be on display in playable state at the Tokyo Game Show. Additionally, the first public day of the show will see a rewards ceremony giving specific prizes to the games.

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