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Take a Look at the Yakuza 4 Girls in Action

One more chance to see the ladies before casting your final vote.


Not yet set on your favorite Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (aka Yakuza 4) hostess candidate? Looks not enough to go by? Perhaps you'd like to see the girls in action?

Now you've got the chance! Sega originally posted individual PR clips for the girls, allowing them to introduce themselves to voters. Today, those PR clips were updated with footage of the girls doing voice recordings and 3D model capture.

You can see the clips by clicking on the individual girls at the audition page. The video you're looking for has the word "PR" next to it.

Voting runs through August 25, so if you haven't decided on your favorite girl yet, follow this guide and help contribute to Yakuza 4.

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