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SaGa 2 Collectors Pack Looks Like a Square Enix Sega Genesis Game

Another way to buy the SaGa 2 remake, this time with 16-bit packaging.


Have you ever wondered what the packaging would look like if Square Enix had been a publisher back in the early days of the Sega Genesis?

Probably something like this:

That's the cover from the previously announced SaGa 2 Goddess of Destiny Collectors Pack.

Set for release through the Square Enix e-Store, this ¥12,076 package includes a copy of SaGa 2, the SaGa 2 Goddess of Destiny Original soundtrack, the SaGa Series 20th Anniversary SaGa Chronicle book and two bonus items: a mascot strap and set of two postcards.

Bonus item for buyers of the special Collectors Pack.

Square Enix notes that this is the first ever Square Enix e-Store exclusive product.

Those who want the bonus goods can pre-order the pack through the the Square Enix e-Store for delivery on September 17 opposite SaGa 2.

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