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Dream Club: Introducing the VIP Mode

Take control of the camera. Panty shot potential rising.


I'm still pretty sure that Dream Club is going to be the worst game ever, and I'm going to say so at the top of every article I write about the game until its August 27 release. But there's one feature that could be particularly interesting.

As previously revealed, Dream Club allows you to watch its virtual hostesses sing and dance. Normally, you view this activity through an auto camera. But if you happen to be real close to the performer, you'll get "VIP" treatment and will have full free camera control.

You'll be able to move the camera all around, zooming in and out as you please. This, of course, suggests the strong possibility for panty shots. Which is why I'm excited. Nothing turns me on more than a sneak peak at a girl's panties. Especially if she's an android.

One of the things you'll want to do before your free camera photo sessions is dress the hostess up. The girls can apparently be made to wear each other's clothes, although the exact method for doing this is not clear. There are some limitations in what each girl can wear, though. Each girl has a specific size: S, M, or L. The girls can exchange clothes with someone of like size, but not with someone of different size.

Outside of the chance for free camera control, the game gives you some incentive to get to know as much as possible about the hostesses. As you become familiar with a given hostess, her "album" is slowly filled up with information that you've heard.

This is the profile card in the album for one of the girls, Reika. From top to bottom, there are categories for real name, birthdate, age, three sizes, blood type, place of birth, favorite liquor, favorite food, hated food (in this case bell peppers), and favorite type (I think that refers to guy type).

You can get to know more about the girls during drinking sessions inside the hostess club. Or, you can head out on dates with the girls to learn more. D3 shared scenes of dates with Airi and Mari.

Just as in real life, you can preserve the memory of your date by taking out your cell phone and snapping a pic. The girls will even e-mail you about the date.

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