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Sega Shares Valkyria Chronicles 2 Update Schedule

Mega movies coming in future official site updates!


With Valkyria series producer Shuntaro Tanaka temporarily relieved of duty following a gunshot wound to the head (don't worry -- the real Tanaka is okay), there was some concern about who would take his place in the weekly updates at the Valkyria Chronicles blog. Today, we found out.

In the hot seat this week with Edy Nelson and Homer Pieroni is Valkyria 2 producer Shinji Motoyama. And he brought a prop:

Edy begins her first interview with Motoyama by asking the question that seems to be most on her mind: will she be appearing in Valkyria 2. Motoyama's reply is, "I see. You'd like to hear about sub characters this time, right?" That seems to suggest that Edy will be a sub character, but Motoyama doesn't actually say this for sure.

Sub characters in Valkyria Chronicles 2 are your classmates. They take the place of the battalion members of the original. According to Motoyama, the development staff is taking great care in deciding what characters appear in this group, as he feels one of the charms of the original was the personable battalion members.

With Valkyria 2 taking place in an academy, does this mean all the sub characters will be young? Apparently not! According to Motoyama, the Ranseal Officer's Academy which serves as the school for the game's main characters, seeks out even people who've achieved success in vigilante groups and volunteer armies. Thus, you'll find some elderly students as well. He did admit that younger students are in the majority, though.

Motoyama ran off before giving Edy a straight forward answer about her possible appearance in the game. But the interviews will continue! Edy and Homer said to expect another one next week.

The Valkyria Chronicles 2 official site will be going through some changes following next week's update, Sega announced today separate from the blog update. Starting August 20, the updates will switch to Thursday's rather than the current Fridays -- presumably to line up with the Thursday release of Famitsu.

New screens of Valkyria Chronicles 2, released by Sega today.

Sega also provided a sneak peak at the site's upcoming updates.

The August 20 update will see something big happen at the site's top page. Clear certain conditions, and you'll be able to see actual gameplay footage of the game. Also, Sega will provide new blog parts for the game on this day.

The September 3 update will see the opening of the official site. Wait a minute... the current site isn't the actual official site? Apparently not! The true opening will bring sections for characters, key words, battle fields and other content, along with a bunch of game movies.

September 10 and beyond will bring lots and lots of movies.

Looks like Sega is gearing up for a big showing at TGS in late September!

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