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Way of the Samurai 3 Plus Official

First screens, and details on what's new. Plus, new modes for Way of the Samurai 2 Portable.


Looks like we can keep on trusting retailers when they leak out information in advance (which is why I totally believe the new Lunar date). Following up on leaked reports about an updated version of Way of the Samurai 3 for the PS3, Spike came through on Friday with official confirmation, along with first media. Spike also shared more details on Way of the Samurai 2 Portable, so let's take a look.

As detailed here earlier in the week, Way of the Samurai 3 is being brought back to the PS3 as a budget release called Way of the Samurai 3 Plus. The plus stands for the following:

  • The ability to make three heroines (Osei, Gihime, and Itsuse) and your "Sensei" into your companion
  • Unlockable costumes for companions
  • Additional main character models
  • Added super hard difficulty setting
  • Trophy support
  • Additional equipment parts
Hook up with these ladies in the new Plus version.

Thinking about upgrading your current copy of the game to Plus spec? Unfortunately, due to the added Trophy support, the Plus version will not be compatible with the save data from the regular version. You'll have to start all over again (although if you're into the series enough to buy a new version just for the above bonuses, I imagine you won't mind!).

Spike's official announcement of Way of the Samurai 3 Plus was missing one thing that drew everyone's attention in the retail listing: mention of Way of the Samurai 4. The retail listing said that the game would include first footage of the next entry in the series. Perhaps Spike is holding off on that for a big Famitsu review.

New costumes for the main character.
The new weapons and equipment.

Way of the Samurai 2 Portable was announced a while back. The latest update from Spike offers a look at the game's new Bushi no Chousenjo mode. The name translates to "Warrior's Challenge."

Don't you like you they just translated one word into English?

This ad-hoc battle mode lets you face off against other players in battle. You can select from characters you've beaten in the main game, choose your weapon, and fight in 12 stages.

Way of the Samurai 2 Portable hits on September 3, to be followed in October by Way of the Samurai 3 Plus.

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