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Why is Monster Hunter 3 So Cheap?

A week and a half after release, Bic Camera slashes prices.


What's wrong with this listing at the online version of mega retailer Bic Camera?

Looks like Monster Hunter 3 is being discounted 59% to ¥2,980!

This is just ten days after its release.

I'm not sure of the reason, but perhaps the low sell-through rate for the game's software-only version has something to do with it. The Classic Controller Pro bundles, both in white and black varieties, still carry their usual price at the shop. The black Wii bundle has been out of stock for some time now and can be found hiked up a few thousand yen at some retailers.

In other fire sale news, Square Enix's Blood of Bahamut is currently selling for 2,980 yen, 50% off its MSRP. This is just 5 days after its release.

(as seen at Hachimaki.)

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