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Street Fighter IV: The Strap

Now with real Shoryuken action!


It's a slow week for gaming here in Japan. Famitsu isn't even publishing as people head off on summer break.

At first, it may seem that I'm writing a story about cell phone straps only because there's nothing else to write about. But these particular straps look so rad that I'd probably write about them even on the busiest of news days!

StrapyaNext shared details today on a set of Street Fighter IV straps. Have a look:

See the joysticks and buttons? They actually function! Input the command listed on the box, and you'll get to hear the characters shout out their attacks: Hadouken for Ryu, Shoryuken for Ken, Yoga Fire for Dhalsim, and Spinning Bird Kick for Chun-Li.

Priced at ¥1,260 each, the straps went on pre-order at the StrapyaNext e-commerce site today. They'll salso be available for pre-order at Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro on 8/14. Shipping is planned for early September. Act quickly, as they're being produced in quantities of 1,000 each!

StrapyaNext will also make the straps available for purchase at the Tokyo Game Show.

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