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Adult Game Maker Cleans Up Act for Indies Games

You can arrange furniture (instead of arranging girls).


Tech Arts 3D got to work quickly on Microsoft's Xbox Live Indies game making program. Just as the service reached Japan today, the developer offered its first title: Madrism.

According to the game's information page, Madrism is a "housing action puzzle" game Rooms fall into place on a housing plan, and it's up to you to arrange them so that every room can be reached via a door. You clear the game once you've played the bathroom and kitchen in place.

It's just 80 Microsoft Points, so it seems like it could be a neat little game. But I'm sure many were hoping for something a bit more steamy from Tech Arts 3D. After all, they did make the adults-only 3D Custom Girl:

I wonder if a toned down busty avatar builder would pass Microsoft's approval process.

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