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The Little King has a Princess

Ayana Tsubaki joins the Little King Story promo campaign along side a yet-to-be-named King.


As previously reported, Marvelous Entertainment is holding a contest to select someone to play the role of the Little King in a promotional campaign for Little King Story, which hits the Wii here in Japan on September 3.

That contest is still going on, but now there's a little bit of incentive to sign up (in case the ¥200,000 pay check wasn't enough). Marvelous announced today that it has drafted talent Ayana Tsubaki to play the role of Princess in the game's promo campaign. The 25-year-old Saitama native, who's skilled in French and piano, will appear along side the Little King at PR events.

Interested now? Then sign up via the From A Navi site before the 13th. The competition is getting tough! Marvelous says that over 2,000 people have applied!

Just a note before you get any strange ideas. I'm not too familiar with Little King Story, but I imagine that as princess, Tsubaki will technically be your daughter. So no funny stuff!

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