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Capcom Presents: The Latest in Monster Hunter Eats and Home Furnishings

Karaoke will never be the same!


Capcom's top food photographers are apparently off for the summer break. How else would you explain how unappetizing the latest Monster Hunter 3 treats look:

Corn on the cob? More like... corn on the sob!

Also shared by Capcom today were these three:

From left to right, there's Kurupekko's Tropical Juice (ewww), Boruboros's Mud Dumplings (double eww), and the Small Barrel Bomb Croquette which apparently has to be eaten before it explodes.

But the piece de resistance al merce beaucoup de la grande is this:

It's special Cha Cha Honey Toast!

The Honey Toast should have probably given it away to those in the know. Yes, unappetizing photography aside, this is the latest in promotional food delights for Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 promotional tie-up with karaoke restaurant Pasela. These items will be available for order from August 19 through August 31 to finish off the campaign.

All of this is part of the Hunter's Banquet Final promo campaign, which kicked off at Pasela karaoke outlets on August 1. Similar to the above food items, Capcom and Pasela detailed some of the special plans they have for the latter half of the campaign.

Of particular note is the special Monster Hunter Room, which will be exclusively accessible at the Akihabara Pasela from the 19th through the 31st. The room has the motif of Airu's kitchen, and displays Monster Hunter goods.

Capcom and Pasela are also holding a Boruboros tournament every day from 19:00 to 21:00 at the main Pasela Resorts Grande Shibuya hall in Shibuya. The best Monster Hunter team will get a limited edition Monster Hunter 3 t-shirt.

Monster Hunter's promotions look like they're still in full force! Of course, all of this is building up to the August 23 Monster Hunter Festa event at the Makuhari Messe.

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