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PS2 Dominates Software; PS3 Falls to New Lows

SD Gundam shows its selling power in cross platform release.

Top placement for the latest SD Gundam game.

A PlayStation 2 game made a rare appearance at the top of the Media Create sales chart this week. In fact, one could say that the PS2 dominated the week, taking up three spots in the top ten.

SD Gundam was the number one game for the week covering August 3 through August 9. The PS2 version of the game sold 175,000 units. Down at eight was the Wii version with 35,000 units.

Even combined, this is lower than November 2007's SD Gundam G Generation Spirits. However, Media Create notes that the PS2 version sold through its stock at 88.09%. The Wii version was at 71.27%. The high sell-through rate suggests that the game could have seen better sales if Namco Bandai had provided more units.

Also debuting this week was Tales of VS. The Namco Bandai PSP fighter featuring characters from its many Tales of series games sold 133,000 units and took fourth place. Media Create heard from retailers that the game's purchases centered on pre-orderers.

Monster Hunter 3 made news this week. In its second week of sales, it sold 137,000 units, bringing its life total to 657,000. This is higher than the total 654,000 lifetime sales of PlayStation 2's Monster Hunter 2.

Here's the full top 10, with total sales listed in parentheses.

  • 1. SD Gundam G Generation Wars (Namco Bandai, PS2): 175,000
  • 2. Monster Hunter 3 (Capcom, Wii): 137,000 (657,000)
  • 3. Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix, DS): 136,000 (3,517,000)
  • 4. Tales of VS (Namco Bandai, PSP): 133,000
  • 5. Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS) 92,000 (602,000)
  • 6. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Wii): 73,000 (902,000)
  • 7. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes (Namco Bandai, PS2): 52,000
  • 8. SD Gundam G Generation Wars (Namco Bandai, Wii): 35,000
  • 9. Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love (Nintendo, DS): 33,000
  • 10. Winning Eleven 2009 Club Championship (Konami, PS2): 33,000

A number of games debuted outside the top ten this week:

  • 11. Magnacarta 2 (Namco Bandai, Xbox 360)
  • 12. Blood of Bahamut (Square Enix, DS)
  • 15. EA Sports Active Personal Trainer Wii (Electronic Arts, Wii)
  • 19. Bleach Ds 4th Flame Bringer (Sega, DS)
  • 28. Hayarigami 3 (Nippon Ichi, PSP)
  • 29. Red Faction Guerilla (Spike, PS3)
  • 30. Red Faction Guerilla (Spike, Xbox 360)
  • 31. Shugo Kyara! Nori Nori! Kyara nari Rhythm (Konami, DS)

Not surprisingly, the PS2's success in software did not lead to a hardware surge. DSi took top place this week following Wii's Monster Hunter and black color variation-influenced dominance last week.

Notable this week is the drop in PlayStation 3 sales. The system has reportedly been hard to find at retail of late, with some speculating that Sony is clearing stock for a possible hardware revision.

Here's the full hardware chart with last week's totals in parenthesis.

  • DSi: 70,066 (73,710)
  • Wii: 47,140 (95,357)
  • PSP : 33,893 (33,049)
  • DS Lite: 8,699 (12,027)
  • PS3: 5,826 (8,760)
  • Xbox 360: 5,436 (3,552)
  • PS2 : 4,601 (3,617)

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