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Haruna Anno to Play Halo at Xbox Live Park

Brush up your Halo 3 skills. Maybe if you're real good, she'll be impressed and ask you out.

Haruna (left) and Ozawa (right).

If you've dreamt of getting up close and personal with gamer idol Haruna Anno, where the hell were you last weekend when she was in attendance at Enterbrain's Tougeki fighting festival live blogging for her site?

But don't worry too much if you didn't get to see Haruna up close and personal (and occasionally bending over -- rrrrr). You'll get another chance shortly to get some notice from her.

Microsoft's next Xbox Live Park online play event will feature Haruna in the guest seat for Halo 3 Night. Joined by BS-TBS gaming program Kodawari Gamer MC Kazuhiro Ozawa, she'll face off against players like you in multiplayer Halo 3 sessions.

Why Halo 3? This episode of Xbox Live Park is actually being held in honor of Halo 3: ODST, which sees release on September 24.

Those who want to show Haruna their skills (don't be surprised if you get whooped though -- she's supposedly got real skillz at games) can follow the instructions for signing up at the event home page.

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