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Little King Story Forms Alliance With Burger King

The King returned to Japan just in time!


Burger King made its triumphant return to Japan about a year ago. Good thing too, as a tie-up between Little King Story and Freshness Burger just wouldn't sound right.

Marvelous Entertainment announced today that Little King Story has formed an alliance with Burger King in anticipation of the game's upcoming release. Burger King restaurants currently display B2-sized promo posters along with special themed tray mats. Burger King is also distributing information about Little King Story in its mail magazine.

The tie-up will continue when Marvelous crowns its promotional king in early September. Apparently, Burger King will be making an announcement of some form to commemorate the alliance.

Little King Story, while already out in overseas markets, isn't due out here in Japan until September 3. Marvelous has been giving the game some wild promotions. In addition to seeking out a member of the general public to play the role of king in upcoming promotions (with cash offerings of ¥50,000 per day!), the company has drafted Ayana Tsubaki to serve as the game's promotional princess.

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