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Square Enix Teams with V Jump For Original DS RPG

New RPG being created based off opinions of comic magazine readers.


Square Enix publishes its own comic magazines, but it's looking outside the family for its latest gaming tie-up. The company announced today Cross Treasures, a new DS title that's being produced as a collaborative project with Weekly Shounen Jump's monthly sister publication V Jump.

A statement issued by Square Enix today describes Cross Treasure as an RPG with the concept of "Play Together" and "Connect Together." Four players will be able to take part in multiplayer sessions using customized characters.

In addition to characters, players can also create and customize their very own game world. Your game world can be connected to the world of other players. In the expanded world, players can team up to defeat giant beasts and collect new items.

For those who don't believe in the concept of togetherness, the game will also offer a single player story mode that's said to be similar to a conventional RPG.

Gameplay details are scarce at present, but Square Enix does promise an action feel to the game but with simple controls.

Artwork from Cross Treasures.

Jump's role with the game appears to be two-fold at this point. Illustrator Shinya Suzuki, whose Mr. Fullswing is currently running in Weekly Shounen Jump, is serving as character designer on the game. Additionally, Square Enix is developing the title based off opinions that V Jump readers have been submitting through the magazine since June.

The result of this unexpected tie-up will be seen soon, as a release is set for 2009.

Square Enix also opened an official site for the new game, but it's currently in a teaser state.

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