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Sony Details PlayStation 3 System Software 3.00

Firmware update offers a few slimline PS3 specific features.


There may be a bit more to Sony's new PS3 slim redesign than a smaller form factor, a matte finish and a larger default hard disc. Sony shared its full system software 3.00 updates specifications today, and the list includes a couple of features that are specific to the hardware revision.

One feature was previously announced: compatibility with Sony's Bravia Link technology. When enabled, this allows your PS3 to interact with certain Bravia televisions and be controlled by the television's remote.

But there's another added feature exclusively for PS3 slim owners. The new model will allow for Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio bit stream output.

Both of these features are achieved at the hardware level, Sony says, explaining why current model owners are out of luck.

What other secrets lay beneath the matte shell (made in China)?

Outside of these features, Sony's briefing today on the update isn't too far off from the features update listed earlier in the week at the English PlayStation Blog.

Here's a translation/summary of Sony's bullet points on the firmware:

  • Access the latest PlayStation Store contents directly from the Games and Videos sections of the XMB interface
  • Areas where the screen keyboard is shown will now allow for the ability to copy text.
  • When you create folders on your media, the folders can be of the photo, music and video type.
  • The sound settings area let you select simultaneous audio output, which makes the system output sound simultaneously through HDMI, optical, and AV Multi. However, everything except for the connection specified in the main audio output setting outputs in 2ch only.
  • Video settings adds HDD audio language and HDD subtitle language options. Using these, you view videos using language tracks and subtitles from your hard disk. Some content does not allow for these settings to be used.
  • System settings adds the the ability to activate DTCP-IP. This lets you undergo internet based authorization that's required for viewing copy protected videos on a media server.
When playing back video content, you can use the right stick on your wireless controller for forward and reverse
  • "Print this page" added to the internet browser menu
  • "Save screenshot" added to the internet browser menu
Can view message history between friends in the profile screen.
Screens of the updated interface, shared with the media earlier in the week.

The update will be available worldwide on September 1. The new model PS3 hits retail here two days later, on September 3.

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