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Jouji Takahashi and Satoshi Tokushige Reprise Roles in Yakuza 4

Favorites return for the new entry.


Sega has been slowly unveiling its cast of voice actors for Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (aka Yakuza 4). But so far, all the characters have been newcomers, leading to some concern that old favorites wouldn't be making a return.

Fans of the adults-only series can now rest assured that this won't be the case. Sega announced two more voice actors for the game today, and both will be reprising roles from past entries in the series.

Jouji Takahashi will be stepping up to the mic to once again play the part of Go Hamazaki. In comments shared with the press today, he said that in the one year since performing the role for part 3, he forgot how the voice is supposed to sound. He also said that he was happy to see that he had a lot more dialogue this time. As another hint, he said that Hamazaki's "true" areas are shown in the new game.

Satoshi Tokushige will be reprising his role as Daigo Dojima. In a statement today, he said that in addition to main character Kiryu Kazuma, other characters are given the spotlight this time. "The feeling of scale has definitely gotten higher," he added. Specifically regarding Daigo, he noted that the character has changed a bit from the last title.

Past voice actor announcements for Yakuza 4 have shown the actors posing for high tech 3D image capturing cameras, as Sega will be mapping voice actor faces directly into the game this time. For Takahashi and Tokushige, Sega did not provide such images. This is presumably because the characters have already been visualized for past entries minus the imaging tech.

Go Hamazaki (left) and Daigo Dojima (right) in Yakuza 3.

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