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Brownie Brown Announces New Project

Developer of Magical Vacation and Mana working on virtual pet sim.


Nintendo owned development studio Brownie Brown hinted earlier in the week at its official site that its next project would be announced some time this week. The announcement came today.

The developer of such games as Magical Vacation and Blue Dragon Plus is working away at Livly Garden, a new DS title that's set for release this Winter. Marvelous Entertainment, who issued the press release announcing the title, is serving as publisher.

Livly Garden is based off Livly Island, a browser communication game from So-net Entertainment in which players raise a virtual pet called Livly. As of August 2009, the game has 930,000 registered users, according to Marvelous.

The DS adaptation of the title lets you create your own garden and raise Livly. The game also makes use of the DS's wireless capabilities for communication of some form.

Marvelous opened a teaser website for the game today. There's nothing worth seeing there except for some questionable English text which promises the game for next winter rather than the correct this winter.

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