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Professor Layton Gets a 100 Hour RPG

Brownie Brown develops RPG bonus mode for latest Layton game.


Level-5 are considered masters when it comes to RPGs. But their first self-published title, Professor Layton, wasn't an RPG.

The key word is "wasn't." With Professor Layton and the Flute of Malevolent Destiny (that's the English translation for the fourth Layton game that was provided in a recent Tokyo Game Show title list), the series will be getting its first RPG.

While the main part of this latest Layton game involves the same kind of puzzle solving we saw in the first three entries, things take a major twist once you clear the game. Players who make it all the way through will unlock a bonus mode called Professor Layton's London Life.

London Life is an RPG which offers players the chance to experience life in London. You take control of your own avatar and attempt to bring happiness to people by clearing quests. The game is said to last 100 hours on its own.

The London Life mode.

Just in case the promise of a 100 hour RPG as a bonus mode wasn't enough to get you excited, Level-5 has made the deal even sweeter. London Life was developed by Brownie Brown, developer of Mother 3 and Magical Vacation.

All of this might sound familiar to some. London Life is actually not an original game. Level-5 first announced it for its ROID mobile portal service. The game was said then to be due for release in the Winter.

The premise of the game may also sound similar to another Level-5 and Brownie Brown tie-up project, Fantasy Life. At today's Level-5 Vision press conference, where both Fantasy Life and London Life were announced, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said that the London Life mode will provide players with a taste of what to expect from Fantasy Life.

Layton fans wanting to experience the series' first RPG won't have to wait too long. Level-5 also announced a final release date of November 26 for the new game. Pricing is set at ¥5,040.

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