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Level-5 Continues with Brain Teasing Atamania Games

Third entry announced; new volumes of Atama no Taisou on the way too.


While major titles like Ni no Kuni and Fantasy Life were the main attractions at the Level-5 Vision 2009 press event yesterday, Level-5 also showed continued support for its casual "Atamania" series of titles. Fans of the brain teasing series can look forward to sequels and even the start of a new branch of the series.

Atamania was first announced at last year's Level-5 Vision event. Since that time, the series has spawned two branches: Sloane and MacHale and Atama no Taisou. The former features problems from a best selling European book series by Paul Sloane and Des MacHale. The latter, which was released in two parts earlier this year, is based off the best selling Akira Tago Atama no Taisou series of books which have sold over 12 million copies.

A sequel to Sloane and MacHale was announced a couple of months back. Titled Sloane and MacHale's Mysteries 2, the DS title features a new "Mystery Challenge" mode which presents players with new challenges as they progress through the main story mode. A release is set for September 3, priced at ¥3,500.

Yesterday's press conference saw the announcement of two new entries in the Atama no Taisou series. These are titled respectively Akira Tago's Atama no Taisou 3rd Collection Mystery Kingdom Puzzle Solving Fairy Tales and Akira Tago's Atama no Taisou 4th Collection Time Machine Puzzle Solving Adventure. Each entry features over 400 problems from the Atama no Taisou books. Both are due for October 8 release at ¥3,200.

New to the Atamania series is Mystery Room. At the press conference yesterday, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino noted that this is the first completely original work for the series.

Mystery Room follows the adventures of two genius detectives, Poccho and Sly. Part of America's number one ranked Brewster Detective Agency, the two are positioned in the "Final Investigation Room" where they solve the toughest of crimes based exclusively off the information other detectives in the agency have gathered.

You play the game by selecting a crime that you'd like to investigate from a growing list of choices. After viewing a report on the crime, Poccho and Sly give you their opinion. You then examine materials related to the crime, making direct use of the stylus.

Mystery Room is set for DS release some time in 2010. The game is being produced by Akihiro Hino and directed by Tatsuya Shinkai.

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