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Have Your First Look at FFXIII's Jihl Nabaat

Our first glimpse at the villains in Square Enix's RPG epic.


In case you don't have access to Jump or Famitsu, Famitsu.com posted its latest screenshot blast for Final Fantasy XIII today featuring screens and details that were unveiled in the two publications earlier in the week. Let's have a look

The main reveal this time are two characters: Jihl Nabaat and Yaag Rosch.

Jihl is a lieutenant in the pesky holy government army who heads up the pesky PSICOM soldiers. In contrast to her beautiful face, she's cold-blooded and brutal. The two top screens in the Famitsu story show the aftermaths of Szah and Vanille's attempted escape after being captured by Jihl.

Yaag is a lieutenant who heads up the PSICOM soldiers alongside Jill. He's serious and has a strong sense of justice. He's tough on both himself and his subordinates and puts defending the people of Cocoon above all else. While he's attempting to wipe out Lightning and crew as people who attempt to bring disorder to Cocoon's peace, he also appears to have some doubts about the government.

Jill and Yaag.

The bottom three shots offer a look at battle sequences featuring Lightning and her Odin summon in driving mode. During this particular driving mode, Odin turns into a horse. Lightning mounts Odin and makes use of a two swords which she gets from her summoned friend.

See the original Famitsu.com story for more screens.

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