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Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Could Be Coming on September 8

Unconfirmed reports indicate an announcement at an invite-only event.


Square Enix will announce a release date and price for Final Fantasy XIII on September 8, tech site Gadget News reports today. The announcement will take place at an invite-only Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party event that will be held in Tokyo on that day starting at 19:00.

Gadget news cites Pafu News as a source for this information. While I'm certain of Gadget News' legitimacy, I'm not so sure about Pafu News, so it might be good to take this as a rumor for now. (For the record, Gadget News says that it tried to call Square Enix to confirm the story but, presumably because it was 11:30 in the PM, no one answered.)

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada did state last month that a Final Fantasy XIII release date announcement would be coming possibly prior to the Tokyo Game Show. TGS kicks off on September 24 this year. I imagine Square Enix would make a big fuss over the release date rather than issuing a simple press release, so a big premier event sounds just right.

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