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Bahamut Lagoon Hits Virtual Console in September

Square Enix RPG the highlight in another small lineup.


Nintendo shared its Virtual Console download service's September lineup today. Unfortunately, the retro service's gradual trends towards exactly 0 new releases seems to be continuing. But there is one release of note. Square Enix will be bringing classic Japan-only Super Famicom RPG Bahamut Lagoon to the service at some point in September, priced at 800 WiiPoints.

Also set for release in September are Taiko Risshiden (Koei, Super Famicom, 800 WiiPoints), Ganbare Goemon 3 (Konami, Super Famicom, 800 WiiPoints), Earthworm Jim 2 (Interplay, Mega Drive, 600 WiiPoints), and Argos no Senshi (Tecmo, arcade, 800 WiiPoints). Taiko Risshiden and Earthworm Jim 2 will hit on September 1. Specific dates for the other games have yet to be specified.

The service's arcade release schedule usually isn't announced in advance. Outside of the Tecmo title, Namco Bandai will release Xevious on September 1, priced at 800 WiiPoints. Namco Bandai recently promised an upswing in arcade releases to two per week.

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