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DSi Ware Takes a Musical Twist

Two Intelligent Systems musical apps join Arika-developed shooter.


Nintendo's latest theme for its DSi Ware lineup appears to be music. The company announced today a handful of new releases for September 2, and notable among the bunch are two musical apps from Intelligent Systems.

Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner is a 200 DSi Point program for tuning instruments. You play your instrument of choice into the DSi mic, and the system reports how out of tune the instrument is. The program allows you to select between three different visual designs, set musical notes between letters and Do-re-me, and set base pitch between 435 and 445 Hz.

There's also a mini game called Tuner Fight included. In this game, you attempt to pop balloons by playing the notes that are written on the balloons.

Joining the tuning program is Nintendo DSi Metronome, a 200 DSi Point program for setting beat and tempo. This one also allows you to switch between multiple designs. Additionally, you can record your own customized sound to replace the default beat sound.

Nintendo is including a mini game with this one as well. Titled Donkey Metronome, this one has players clap in order to make Mario jump to avoid barrels that are tossed at him by Donkey Kong.

The mini games for the two music apps.

Two other Nintendo published games will join the service on September 2.

From developer Arika comes Aa Mujou Setsuna, a 500 DSi Point vertical scrolling shooter with 3D visuals. This game includes two modes: pattern mode, where the enemies always appear in the same location, and random mode, where enemy positions change each time you play. Master blasters can look forward to a Wi-Fi Connection high score ranking mode with support for uploading and downloading replays of the top 10 scorers. You can see a video clip of the game at its official site.

Nintendo will also be releasing volume four of its Monthly Crossword House puzzle series. Priced at the usual 500 DSi Points, this volume includes problems from the October issue of the Crossword House magazine off which the series is based.

There's a good reason to get into the series with the new entry. Starting on 9/2, Nintendo will hold drawings for prizes . To get into the drawing, you'll have to clear a puzzle and send in a submission via your PC, cell phone or DSi browser. Nintendo hasn't announced a list of prizes, but a picture at the Monthly Crossword House series official site shows things like detergent and McDonalds gift cards.

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