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Pokemon Plans Heart Gold and Soul Silver Launch Event

Buy the game, play it for two weeks, then attend the launch event.


Pokemon Co. seems to be gearing up for a big promotional push for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I've recently seen retail displays pop up at Tokyo game shops promoting the game's "Pokewalker" peripheral. And today, the publisher detailed a launch event for the game.

The launch event will take place on September 26 and September 27 at the Roppongi Hills facility in central Tokyo. The event is formally titled Pocket Monsters Heart Gold/Soul Silver Launch Commemoration Pokemon Day in Roppongi Hills.

The official event page is a bit vague at present, but does promise that attendees will be able to "experience the things that happen in the game." What in the world could that mean?

Additionally, attendees will be able to learn the latest about the Pokemon card game, and sample WiiWare's Pokemon Scramble.

Specific details will be announced next week.

As a launch event, Pokemon Day will be coming a bit late. Heart Gold and Soul Silver hit on September 12.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver will probably be September's biggest games.

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