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Square Enix Publishing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Domestically

Company opens a teaser site that fails in every way.


I'm not sure how people managed to stumble upon this, as it's not linked to off Square Enix's official site, but a Square Enix page surfaced today for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. That's right, it looks like Square Enix is doing the Japanese honors for Activision.

The page is actually in a teaser state, as you can see below. However, the font for the "2" gives the identity of the game away. And that's even without looking at the copyright notice at the bottom. Legal paranoia does not mix well with teaser countdown sites, it seems.

That's a quote from George Washington at the teaser site. I wonder if the average Japanese person knows who George Washington is.

Square Enix's involvement with Modern Warfare 2 shouldn't actually come as a surprise. With Activision having closed down its Japanese publishing arm last year, Square Enix ended up serving as publisher here for Quantum of Solace earlier this year. More telling, Square Enix was listed as publisher for the Platinum Collection budget edition of Call of Duty 4.

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