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Jigen Kairo Official Site Opens

Get a first look at the Echochrome sequel. Demo set for later this month.

See this in motion at the official site.

Want to get a feel for Sony's Echochrome followup? Then turn to Jigen Kairo's (aka Echoshift) newly opened official site.

The site provides an introduction to the basics of the game, including a few details that were not in my earlier writeup.

As with Echochrome, you take control of solid white "Cast" characters. The characters from your past play sessions are referred to as "Echo" characters and are translucent.

Other notable points from the site include the promise of "Data Install," suggesting that players will have a method for cutting down load times. The site also lists a "Special Stage" section, although it's currently in active. You'll have to speculate on what will make a stage "special" in this game.

If you'd like a true look at the game, see the site's movie page for a video trailer. The trailer shows an Artoon logo at its start. The Blinx and Blue Dragon developer has a hand in the development of the sequel.

As previously detailed, Jigen Kairo will see release in November both in ¥3,980 retail UMD form and as a ¥2,800 download. The official site promises a limited time demo for late September.

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