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Detective Saburo Jinguji Teams with Kabukicho Bar

If you're going to team with a bar, it might as well be in Kabukicho.


Watch out, Ryu ga Gotoku! Arc System Works is encroaching on your turf with its latest promotion for the upcoming PSP entry in the Detective Saburo Jinguji series.

To celebrate the 9/17 release of Detective Saburo Jinguji: Ashes and Diamonds, Arc will be teaming up with Bar Hide (pronounced "Hee-day, as in the Japanese name), an actual bar in Shinjuku's seedy Kabukicho area (which serves as the basis for the main setting of the Gotoku series). For two seeks starting 9/10, Bar Hide will be home to a tie-up bar named Bar Kasumi. The bar will service a special menu themed around the game.

Bar Kasumi is a bar that appears in the Detective Saburo Jinguji series. The bar is run by the popular Kasumi and Manami characters, shown in the above screenshot.

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