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Check Out the Wii Fit Plus Official Site

Your next use for the Balance Wii Board hits in less than a month!

The official site for Wii Fit Plus.

It's September. For Wii owners who ate too way too much over the summer break, that means one thing: less than a month away from your next chance at cutting the fat via Wii Fit Plus!

As previously announced, the Wii Fit followup will see release on October 1. Nintendo will offer Wii Fit Plus both as a standalone product costing just ¥2,000 and bundled with the Balance Wii Board, costing ¥9,800.

Nintendo opened an official site for the game today, detailing some of its finer points.

As noted at the site, Wii Fit Plus includes the original Wii Fit in its entirety. For those who own the original, the update will allow you to reuse your save data.

The New Functionality section of the site details the game's new self-created course feature. You can select a course from a preset theme, choosing from such options as "beautiful style" and "guard against metabolic syndrome." Alternatively, you can also choose to set up your own course, freely selecting from the included 69 activities (21 new for Wii Fit Plus).

The newly added features section of the site lists the following:

Burnt calories & target setting
Following your training, you're shown the calories that you've burned. You can set your target calorie intake for the day using this and some general calorie counts for food.
Basic balance tests up to 10
The title includes five additional balance tests, bringing the total to 10
Infants and pets too
You can register kids three and up as "infants." While infants can't do training, they can try out "infant measurements," where they get their weight measured on the Balance Wii Board while being held by someone. Pets -- specifically dogs and cats according to the page -- can also be registered with the program and measured in a similar fashion.
Play by taking turns
The same training can be played by taking turns with other players.
Can save a variety of data
You can save and graph such data as the amount of exercise you do outside of Wii Fit Plus, your waist size, and the number of steps you took in a day.
For the night person too
While the software defaults to advancing the day at midnight, it can be set to wait until 3:00am.

Waiting to be unlocked at the site are details on the 21 new exercises and a section specifically targeting newcomers to Wii Fit.

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