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Square Enix Still Making Dragon Quest IX Commercials

New campaign to kick off on September 6.


Dragon Quest IX has already sold over 3.5 million copies. But Square Enix has even bigger plans for the game, to the tune of 5 million domestically.

So how to get that last 1.5 million units? Lots and lots of marketing, it seems! The company recently invited the press to a recording session for an upcoming commercial. Famitsu.com provided a full report.

The story behind the new commercial has a college girl playing Dragon Quest IX during her lunch break. An older student, also playing Dragon Quest IX, passes by, and the two ended up exchanging data through the game's "Surechigai" wireless functionality.

Past DQIX commercials featured talent group SMAP. For this spot, Square Enix has tapped talent Yumi Sugimoto for the female students and fashion model Asaya Kimijima for the male student.

In comments shared with Famitsu, Sugimoto revealed that DQIX was her first Dragon Quest. Kimijima said that he's played the series for a long time and he likes the ability to communicate with people he doesn't know.

In addition to these two, the Famitsu story shows DQIX producer Ryutaro Ichimura acting all producer-like.

The Famitsu article covers the shooting for just one of three variations of this commercial line, which hits the air waves on September 6. Based on the article's wording, it appears that the other two spots will have different stars.

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