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Check Out These DQIX Hotties

More DQIX commercials hit wretched Japanese television on Sunday.


Two hotties are set to appear in an upcoming Dragon Quest IX commercial. Set to hit the airwaves on September 6, the new spot will feature Yumi Sugimoto and Asaya Kimijima.

I don't know which is which, but both will play students on their lunch break from school. They meet through DQIX's "surechigai" wireless communication system, which allows players to exchange character data with strangers.

In case you, rightfully, refuse to watch Japanese television (it really is bad), the spot will look something like this:

You might recall having heard about this commercial, as I wrote about it yesterday. See that story for comments from the two stars (I was just joking about not knowing which is which -- Kimijima is the cute one).

The above spot, whose name could be translated as "It Happened at the School Cafeteria" if it were porn, is just one of three new spots that will kick off on the 6th. The other two, "Dad is the Hero!" and (not sure about this one) "Even Grandma and Grandpa Become Allies" are shown here:

Square Enix plans on posting web limited versions of the spots at the Dragon Quest IX official site, so be sure and check back there.

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