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Messe Sanoh manager not too impressed with PS3 slim start

Plus, who is the mystery man who appears to be buying nine PS3 systems?

Messe Sanoh's Kazuyuki Inakoshi shares some strong opinions in his Famitsu.com column ever week.

I'm really starting to like Messe Sanoh manager Kazuyuki Inakoshi. Not only does he run a shop that specializes in games like Dream Club and 50 cent (truly an odd pairing), but he can always be counted on for a good rant against the establishment -- usually Sony -- in his weekly Famitsu.com column.

The latest such column hit yesterday, and it was just overflowing with the Sony hate, centered around the PlayStation 3 Slim.

Regarding the system's Thursday launch, Inakoshi writes, "There was no line at my shop, and the first product bought by a customer was Love Plus."

Inakoshi had actually been expecting such a reaction at his shop from the start. However, on the whole, he doesn't seem too impressed with the launch, describing the sales as feeling just "okay."

According to Inakoshi, the system had three major minuses: "A lack of preparation, a lack of name recognition, and a weekday launch."

Additionally, he describes Sony's commercials as sickening. He's referring to the Playface spots. See for yourself:

The only thing that actually did sell out was the system's vertical stand. Sony apparently provided only 10% as many vertical stands as PS3 slim systems, a move Inakoshi calls "stupid."

Inakoshi's opinions on Sony's latest launch aren't totally negative, though. Thanks to the efforts of an SCE staffer, Messe Sanoh was able to hold a retail demo event for Gundam Senki, and ended up selling out of the game's PS3 slim hardware bundle, and almost selling out of the game on its own.

In other PS3 slim launch happenings, check out this mysterious collection of pics from the PS3 launch that surfaced on Japanese message boards:

Who is that guy in green and why is he buying so many PS3s? And did he manage to find a vertical stand for each of his systems?

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