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Sony Sells 150,000 PS3 Slims -- Enterbrain

Highest weekly sales total ever for system.


To say that the Playstation 3 slim hardware revision is off to a fast start here in Japan would be an understatement. Early sales figures from Enterbrain, as provided by Famitsu.com today, put the PS3 platform at its highest weekly total ever last week.

Sony sold a total of 150,832 PS3 units over the week of August 31 through September 6, according to Enterbrain data. Of these, 150,252 were slimline models.

The hardware revision hit on September 3 following weeks of plummeting sales as stock ran low at retail. The week before the slim system's launch, Media Create reported just over 1,000 PS3 units sold.

Signs at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara on the PS3 slim's launch day make note of the sold out Gundam Senki bundle. The base hardware can still be readily found.

The 150,832 figure is by far the highest weekly sales total for the platform. In its first week in November 2006 (covering just two days due to a Saturday launch), the system sold 88,000 units, according to similar Enterbrain data, also provided by Famitsu.com.

Total domestic sales for the PS3 now stands at 3,421,964 units, Famitsu also reported today.

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