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New White Knight Quest Hits Tomorrow

Fight dragons in insect valley. Plus, hints at a special in-game bonus.


You'll have to take a break from your construction activities in Georama Mode, White Knight Chroniclers. There's questing to be done!

Sony detailed the next White Knight Chronicles download quest today. Titled "Kaze no Min no Ryutaiji," the quest asks that you work with the wind people to help wipe out wind dragons who've taken up residence in insect valley. In addition to taking out the dragons, you'll also have to put up with standard monsters who've gone wild since the dragons' arrival.

This quest requires guild rank 8 and has recommended level of 41. Look for it tomorrow (September 10) at the usual low, low asking price of nothing.

The quest information page also makes mention of a small in-game bonus in celebration of the recently announced White Knight Chronicles EX Edition. Details will be shred in a future update.

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