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Japanese Version of Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All-Stars Also Missing Hakushon Daimao

Worldwide online play and three to four new characters confirmed for new version.


Following the usual leaks yesterday, Capcom made formal announcement today of a Japanese release for Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All-Stars.

This new version of the game that hit Japan last December as Tatsunoko VS Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes is just a domestic release for the upcoming overseas version of that game.

Players can look forward to a number of new features, including Wi-Fi connection support for full online play. The online play will be worldwide, according to the game's newly opened official site.

Players can also look forward to new characters. Of these, Tekkaman Blade has been confirmed for inclusion and can be seen in still form at Capcom's Tokyo Game Show theater page (this week's Famitsu also has a two page spread).

More characters are on the way, it seems. In a newly opened development blog for the title, producer Ryouta Niitsuma says that the game is currently set to have three or four new characters.

It's possible that we'll be hearing about some of these new characters at TGS. Capcom's TGS page promises "surprise announcements" at the game's TGS stage event. In the past, such "surprise announcements" ended up being new character reveals.

(update: as spotted at the Shoryuken Forums, it looks like a little Javascript slip up on Capcom's part has revealed the new characters to be Mega Man Zero, Frank West, Yatterman #2, and Joe Asakura -- or at least characters whose names would make you call your image files "frank," "yatter02," "joe," and "zero.")

Due to rights issues, the overseas version of Tatsunoko VS Capcom will be missing the Hakushon Daimao character that was in the original. The Japanese version will also lack the character. Famitsu readers should note that the magazine has a misprint stating that the character will be included. This, Capcom says, is an error.

Ultimate All-Stars will see Japanese release this Winter.

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