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No Plans For a Downloadable Street Fighter IV

Also, please don't get too excited, but something about a sequel will be mentioned next week. Oh, and a Wii version isn't on the way... probably.

Scene from the Street Fighter IV finals at Tougeki.

Were you hoping for a downloadable version of Street Fighter IV so that you wouldn't have to switch out discs in order to get in a quick match? Then your hopes may have just been dashed by Capcom blogstress queen, Natsuki Shiozawa.

In the latest posting at the Street Fighter IV official blog, Shiozawa responds to question about plans for a download release on PSN or Xbox Live with "At present, there aren't. Sorry!"

Hopes dashed, quite succinctly!

[NOTE: I originally had Steam listed next to PSN and Xbox Live, as that's how the question in the blog post is phrased. As many have pointed out to me, the game is already available on Steam. Of course, Shiozawa's response is still pretty relevant for those who want a downloadable on consoles.]

This question was part of the eighth installment in the blog's series of user Q&A sessions. Among the other questions and responses of interest were:

  • An announcement will be made shortly regarding the release of a DVD for the recent Tougeki tournament.
  • There appears to be some talk internally about a second national tournament. Nothing is set yet, but Shiozawa says she thinks people will come to regret it if they stop training just because Tougeki is over.
  • Apparently there were some rumors that taunts make the CPU level go up. This is not the case.
  • Asked about a possible Wii version of the game, Shiozawa responds "At present, I don't think there are plans for that... probably." What is up with that "probably" at the end, Shiozawa? You trying to start something?
  • If you lost your play card and were wondering if there's something Capcom can do about it, Shiozawa says there isn't -- although, she adds that if she had powers like Rose, she probably could. She suggests sticking your card deep in your wallet next time.

The most intriguing comment comes before the questions, though. As a warning message, Shiozawa writes "I won't be talking about sequels!" But just below that, she adds "I will talk about it next week... but I forbid you from getting too excited."

Between that statement and the "probably" in the Wii version statement, Shiozawa is just asking for trouble!

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