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Sega Shares JAMMA Lineup

Shining Force Cross joins big joystick Tetris and big chested Shiori Kawana.


Tetris Dekaris, with its joysticks so massive, is likely to be the star attraction in Sega's booth this year at the JAMMA Amusement Machine Show. But Sega has plenty of other product and events planned as well. Here's what to expect, as detailed at Sega's AM Show site.

Sega will, us usual, have the largest booth at the show, it seems. The company's booth is sandwiched between the Prize Fair booth on one side and the Namco Bandai booth on the other side.

In addition to Tetris Dekaris, Sega's booth will house Shining Force Cross, Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer Premium Plus, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Tetris The Grand Master 4 The Masters of Round, and Project Cerberus. Most of these have been detailed in the past.

Shining Force Cross

The new Answer X Answer is a version up that adds Lie Doubt Quiz and Fast Answer Pressure Quiz modes along with additional questions; it's already available in arcades.

The Tetris The Grand Masters 4 is a more traditional game of Tetris that makes use of the new Ringwide arcade board. It's not yet set for release.

Project Cerberus is a 2D fighting game from Milestone that was shown earlier this year at AOU and is due for release some time this year.

Project Cerberus

Sega will also be showing medal games, prize games and kids games. The kids lineup includes the dual touch screen Lilpri Yubi Puru Hime Chen!, Jewel Pet, and Rekishi Taisen Gettenka. For the full lineup, see Sega's lineup page.

Attendees can look forward to some big stage events. Virtua Fighter 5 R will be featured in a one day Kakutou Konseiki VI tournament. Sega sound team H. will appear at 4:00PM on the 19th for a live concert to close off the event.

Sega has some big name celebrities set to appear as well. Gravure idol Shiori Kawana will feature in a series of stage events once again, reprising her role from AOU. Far less sexy, comedians W Engine and Kamaitachi will take the stage for an Answer X Answer 2 event. Far cuter are the four members of Team Dekaris, who will help to promote Tetris Dekaris. Shining Force Cross will get a star push through Tetsuya Kakihara, one of the voice actors.

Team Dektaris
One of these is the gravure idol, the other is the Shining Force voice talent.

Outside of these stage events, visitors will want to come to the Sega booth for some sweet swag. Items include Shining Force trading cards, and Answer X Answer 2 t-shirts. See all the presents for yourself at Sega's present page.

The AM Show will run from the 17th through the 19th at the Makuhari Messe convention center just outside of Tokyo. The first two days are press and business only. The third day opens to the public.

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