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Date Set for Xbox 360 Samurai Showdown

SNK Playmore throws in a mini Buster Sword as a bonus item.


Xbox 360 owners have another major fighter to look forward to later this year. SNK Playmore announced today a final release date of December 10 for the 360 version of Samurai Spirits Sen. The game is being priced at ¥7,140.

This latest SNK Playmore home conversion adds in a few extras for 360 owners. Notable among the updates are the ability to use two boss characters who were unusable in the arcade version, and full Xbox Live online play.

SNK Playmore is also throwing in a goodie that's sure to get players into stores. Those who pre-order will get a "paper knife" designed in the motif of the game's Buster Sword weapon. I'm not sure what a "paper knife" is, but you can get a tiny glimpse at the official site.

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