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People Want a Persona 4 Anime

Find out what games Dengeki's readers want to see converted to the little screen.


Anime to game conversions are 10 yen a dozen, but the reverse path is far less common -- Tales series excepted, of course.

But gamers do appear to have their preferences for conversion to the small screen. Dengeki polled its readers, and came up with the following list of most wanted game to anime conversions:

  • 1. Persona 4
  • 2. Phoenix Wright
  • 3. Okami
  • 4. Kingdom Hearts
  • 5. Idol Master
  • 6. Metal Gear Solid
  • 7. Yakuza
  • 8. BlazBlue
  • 9. Persona 3
  • 10. Atelier Rorona

In addition to casting a vote, readers shared commentary with the magazine. Here are a few samples.

A Mr. Maro Maro said of Metal Gear that he'd like to see the series converted to anime starting with Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater and following the series chronology.

A Mr. Rittsu said of Kingdom Hearts that the series has seen side stories on a number of platforms, leaving it difficult to keep track of everything. He hopes an anime conversion will help him out.

Less helpful was Mr. Rinkeen, who wrote of Yakuza, "It was totally interesting to play, so I think it definitely would be interesting if converted to an anime."

This is not always the case.

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