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Namco Bandai Shares JAMMA Lineup

Tank! Tank! Tank! and not much more.

Namco Bandai's AOU booth from earlier this year.

It looks like Namco Bandai will be having a quiet Amusement Machine Show this year. The Sega rival has opened a special site detailing its lineup, and to be honest there really isn't much there.

The company's big showing appears to be Tank! Tank! Tank! The company refers to this as a new battle party game to be played by everyone when on holiday or on their way back from work or school. Players team up to combat a giant enemy, with just one rule: shoot, shoot, and shoot!

Everything else at the page is a medal game, prize machine, or card game. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX will also appear at the event as part of a tournament.

There will hopefully be some surprises beyond these. But even without any announcements, Tank! Tank! Tank! could offer a good amount of fun.

The 47th Amusement Machine Show kicks off tomorrow for press. On Saturday, the event will open up for the masses.

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