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A Tale of Two Tales

PS3 VS Xbox 360 in the load time challenge


The PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia is officially out in about 10 hours, but a few gamers have managed to get their hands on the game in advance. Of course, you know what this means: videos where we get to see how the older XBOX 360 version is superior to the newer PS3 version.

Actually, this first batch of comparison videos, compiled by Hachimaki, does just the opposite. The clips compare load times and opening movies for the two versions, and the PS3 comes out on top.

First, the load times:

For an even better comparison, check out these two clips (which contain actual combat footage).

First, the PS3 version:

Now the Xbox 360 version:

I've only had limited play time with the 360 version of Vesperia, so I can't tell you if the above is representative of the rest of the game.

One area where the PS3 version should have no problem beating out the 360 is with video playback, right? Check out this comparison video:

I think the point is that the PS3 version's video is of higher quality, but, due to the small playback windows, this isn't totally apparent.

I expect to see more areas of the game compared once the PS3 version officially hits tomorrow. And I also expect lots and lots of Patty panty shots. Don't let me down!

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