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Taito Details JAMMA Lineup

New FPS joins lots of no thought games.


They did their best to hide it with that darn flash heavy front page, but the folks at Taito will be showing their latest arcade wares at tomorrow's Amusement Machine Show in Chiba. All the details on the company's offerings can be found at this special site.

Taito's lineup this year consists of a mix of previously announced titles and new titles.

Most prominent among the previously announced titles is Cyber Diver. This first person shooter from the makers of the Half-Life arcade conversion features five-on-five online combat complete with chat options. A release is still TBA, but attendees will get to sample the game.

The company's "No-Kou" ("No Thought") series will have a lot of exposure at the show. Music Gun Gun, which is already in game centers, will be there alongside the previously announced Elevator Action Death Parade, which is due for Fall 2009 release.

Taito will also unveil two new No-Kou games. One is said to be a new concept for the series. The other is said to relieve your stress. You can speculate based off the silhouettes at the Taito page until the show opens tomorrow.

Also in Taito's booth will be SNK Playmore's KOF Sky Stage. This game uses the Taito Type X arcade board, which is presumably why Taito is happy to show it off.

The AM Show, also known as JAMMA, will be held from the 17th through the 19th at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The first two days are business only, with the last day opening to the public.

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