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White Knight EX Edition Offers Bonus Items

Updated re-release includes product code for a few equipment items.


White Knight Chronicles EX Edition didn't really seem like it was deserving of the "EX" in its name, as it's just a re-release of the original White Knight with all the post-release updates already on the disc.

But it turns out that there is an extra bonus. Sony updated the White Knight official site yesterday with details on some free goodies that buyers of EX Edition will get.

The bonus items come in the form of a product code. The code can be used to download six special pieces of equipment for your avatar. Example items include a Leather Vest for main character Leonard. You can get a glimpse at three of the items at the official site.

It's probably not reason enough to double dip if you already have the original, but perhaps those who are new to the White Knight Chronicles world with EX Edition will appreciate having some goods to help kick off their online experience.

EX Edition hits on October 8, priced at ¥3,800.

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