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Street Fighter IV Sequel Announcement Coming Soon

Official blog hints at a followup.


The last installment of the Street Fighter IV official blog promised a statement about a sequel in the next blog update. The new post came today, and sure enough there is mention of a followup.

Not much of a mention, though. The post, written as usual by Natsuki Shiozawa (the first part is written by SFIV director Yoshinori Ono's secretary, but Shiozawa takes over at the end), simply promises a solid announcement regarding a sequel in the near future.

At the very least, this statement does appear to confirm that a sequel is indeed in development, and that its announcement isn't too far off. Unless, of course, Shiozawa is going to pull a Sega and use the announcement to announce that a sequel is not in development.

Perhaps we'll be hearing something at the Tokyo Game Show?

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